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The Sticky Snow Situation

The lazy-non endurance athlete part of me (we all have it in us, right?) kept procrastinating writing up a blog because who would want to hear about the hamster ball skiing we've been doing in the Twin Cities? I'm extremely grateful for the skiing that we have been doing with the extremely mild winter we've been suffering through. Luckily, Three Rivers has cranked out a couple 'k' at Hyland Bloomington and Elm Creek, but with every other nordic skier in the Twin Cities itching to get on snow, it sometimes can get a little packed.

Luckily I have awesome parents who brought my sisters and I up to Northern Minnesota for a overnight ski vacation! With a bunch of distance skis on the schedule, it was great to catch up with my awesome cousins who were also up there searching for snow!
This was a great training weekend for because not only does Giants Ridge host the state meet in early February (I always love knowing a course really well!) but it was also very refreshing…


After a whirlwind of weeks, it's time to sit down with some hot coco and relax.... right?
Well if you answered yes, then you are wrong. Coming after a rough cross country season, it's surprisingly not hard to cruise into the heavy hours that November brings.

After being injured with a hip bursitis for 6 weeks, it was amazing to start to test my legs at the Blaine Invite, a week before Conference and 2 weeks before Sections. I was still gunning for my season goals, winning conference and going to state.
Neither race played out the way I wanted, but I can't say they went poorly. Conference was a gorgeous day, and I ran smoothly, but lost contact on the leader after the 1st mile, and then got passed by one of her teammates at the 2 mile. I ran well, and was so excited for my team (both the boys and girls won!) but I was slightly frustrated. Same thing with Sections. I placed myself in a good spot but a little after the mile I slipped in the mud and never caught back up to the…

Rough End of Summer: Looking ahead

A lot has happened since August. There were big highs, and  very low lows. For the  first time in my skiing career, I have to really sit out, and more than just a couple days. And although things have been rough, it's easy to look ahead with a positive spirit when I have my amazing teammates around.

The Cross Country season started off really good. The day before the season started I put in a distance ski, so when we had a 1.5 mile time trial, I expected to be a little farther back from previous times. I was pumped to tie my fastest time on that course and only be a couple seconds off the girl's course record. I continued to run and ski, along to fit lifting into my crazy schedule and by the time we raced on Thursday, our own little track meet under the lights, I still felt good and strong. I pulled off a good race, won the event by a minute and I had really pushed myself, even though I was running by myself. 
The problem came after the race.I decided I wanted to put in more m…

Below the Lows

It's obviously normal to have good and bad days. The highs and lows come in very many ways, like moods, races, and how you feel. And while it's rough to have those poor days, and feels fantastic to have those really good days, I find in the long run that it is best to set a line straight through the middle.
Coming out of the U16 camp, I was in a high. I had put in some excellent training, good distance, intervals, running and skiing alike. The week I got home, I planned for a little higher hours than usual for the week, but low intensity so I would be ready for a couple races and time trials towards the end of the week.
The first intensity I had was at Afton, and it was the infamous Coulee time trial. I was excited to do it, but by the end I was disappointed how it turned out. I hadn't felt the quick tempo, or the powerful legs that I was use to, and many fingers pointed to the high hour week I had just come off of. But even with the excuse, I had a hard time believing tha…


Sometimes it's hard to move in the mornings. Especially when your legs are stiff, core is cramping, and your shoulders are aching. And when it's so humid that you are sweating before you even get out of bed.
So far, the U16 development camp has been amazing. We've been here at the University of Vermont for 3.5 days, but it seems like we've been here much longer than that. Besides the scattered pickup soccer and ultimate games, the coaches have been working us hard. We did a easy ski on Saturday, some drills in the afternoon. Sunday we did an uphill time trial in the morning and easy run in the afternoon. Monday (today) we did an easy ski at the Rollerski Track at the National Guard base about a half hour away from UVM and a strength test in the afternoon.

First, the uphill time trial. Now in the Midwest, there are hills. We ski at the Coolee in Afton, there are other infamous ones around the Twin Cities. But as I discovered yesterday, on the east, there are HILLS. I m…

Working and Playing 🎉

The past few weeks have had a set routine, with days jammed packed with practice, working, weight room and running workouts and if I was lucky, hanging out with friends!
My sisters and I swimming one day  Ran the Midsummer Mile with the family
Cousins and friends at the farm
My friend Libby had an exchange student for part of the summer, so when I was off if work, is try to hang out with them. We went to the beach, went swing dancing, and met for walks, frozen yogurt, and soccer! It was a great way to relax and try some new things. My family also went up to our cabin 2 times and I had an amazing time unwinding and running on new trails.  Perfect Bluebird Skies

Now, I am in the car to Vermont for the U16 National Development Camp. This will be my 2nd year coming to camp, and one of the things I am most excited for is meeting skiers my age from all over the US, and training and testing in the gorgeous Vermont.  Sister Acrobatics One thing I'm bummed about is missing the last couple days…

The hill of Death

Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to put myself continuously out of my comfort zone and push myself as hard as I could. Minneapolis Ski Club met out at Battle Creek to ski the Hill of Death, aka Springside Hill. We also had the pleasure of having World Bronze Medalist Caitlin Gregg join us in the interval workout.

It was hot and humid, but it added to the work-out drama, along with the rolling clock, and our ride down the hill, because it was too steep to ski down. It was super hard, I felt like I was going to throw up, and my legs felt like rubber at the top of every hill, but something kept me going, kept me getting in the car, and sipping that water, rubbing my legs, and shaking out before the start of the next interval. It was the hardest,  suckiest, workout I've done all summer, but I loved it! Maybe it's just the insanity that runs through my genes, (quite possible since my cousins and I were 50% of the group there), or maybe it's the big goals I have set for …

Jumping into July

I can't believe a month has gone by of summer vacation, and as I predicted, I am very caught up in working out, working, and doing a little studying, along with hanging out with friends!
This training period has been going very well, and I've been pretty pleased with my workouts, the volume I'm putting in, and my progressing strength. All I need to do now is just up my running miles a little bit, and I'm right on track!
One thing I got to do this month was say good bye to one of my very very good friends, Mimi. She was our captain for Cross Country, Skiing, and Track, and she has always been an amazing role model for me. Mimi is actually leaving for college now, a couple months earlier than most people because she is going to West Point! While it was tough saying bye, I know she will have an amazing experience.
I'm so pumped because while my training situation did change a bit with clubs switching around and all, I now train almost exclusively with my teammates, wh…

Doing some spring cleaning....

After a busy, successful spring, I'm very glad to be out of school and hitting the trails, once again.
After Jr. Nationals with some friends and we raced in Canadian Nationals. I didn't do as well as I wanted, but I had a lot of fun, made new friends, and learned a little about myself and ski racing.
After that I drove head first right into track and had a decent season. I had some good races and some bad, but most of all I had so so so much fun with my teammates and friends. Here's just a glimpse at how much fun we had.

Once track started winding down, I bumped up my weight room game and we started skiing a bit more. Minneapolis Ski Club started Monday, and the team had our first Tour de Ski Saturday.
So I'm ready for a very busy summer, and between work, workouts, and studying, the only time I'll ever get to sit down at a computer is when I'm procrastinating.

The 3rd and 4th races

Sorry for the lack of update, the past 24 hours have been chaotic and the next 24 hours will be even more.

Yesterday we had our 5k mass start classic race.

It was very hot, and it was again didn't turn out how I expected. I was seeded 5th so I was in the first row of the mass start, but I had an extremely bad start and I had to fight all the way up the narrow course.
At girl skied over the front of my skis, and then I got cut off by a lot of people. I didn't want to go out hard, but I should've been much more aggressive. I ended up being in 35th place at the bottom of the hill and then tried to take the outside of the hills to not stand in line. I'm proud of how I moved up, and it made me think that if I had the chance I would've been pretty competitive. I guess that mass starts for you.
I finished 11th which wasn't exactly where I wanted to be, but it made me even more deturmined to do well in the relay, which was today.

Today, in the relays, I had the fi…

2nd Race- 5k Individual Start

I  believe you can always find something good in a disappointing race. 
Today was a very challenging race, and several factors played into this. As much as I do not like to admit this to myself, the Auburn Ski Club is just below 8 thousand feet, and compared to the Twin Cities's 700 feet, it's been a bit of a challenge getting into top notch form. Not impossible, but a challenge. The weather has also played a part. Monday's long hot day really drained me and I believe that played a part in the toughness of today. Also today's weather made a difficult race day. After raining most of the night, and after suffering the hot sun all week, the trail was pretty worn down, and after the U16 boys went through it was pretty slushy. The Midwest wax techs were up to the venue before 5:00 trying to work with the dirty slushy snow we have, and the Midwest athletes owe them so much for the hard work they have put in all week making sure we have the fastest skis out on the course.