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Rough End of Summer: Looking ahead

A lot has happened since August. There were big highs, and  very low lows. For the  first time in my skiing career, I have to really sit out, and more than just a couple days. And although things have been rough, it's easy to look ahead with a positive spirit when I have my amazing teammates around.

The Cross Country season started off really good. The day before the season started I put in a distance ski, so when we had a 1.5 mile time trial, I expected to be a little farther back from previous times. I was pumped to tie my fastest time on that course and only be a couple seconds off the girl's course record. I continued to run and ski, along to fit lifting into my crazy schedule and by the time we raced on Thursday, our own little track meet under the lights, I still felt good and strong. I pulled off a good race, won the event by a minute and I had really pushed myself, even though I was running by myself. 
The problem came after the race.I decided I wanted to put in more m…