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Middle of August- Cross Country and Training

For me, one of the most important things about Cross Country is balancing everything to not get injured. And thats the problem with being a biathlete. Right now I'm putting big hours on skis, increasing my hours in the weight room, and bringing more intensity, running and skiing. Gotta break it to you, I haven't been that happy with my running, too, which makes me even more determine to  do well in training.
One thing I'm exciting about (and dreading losing my endless summer hours!) is I got my class schedule, and I have a weight lifting class! Now I'll be able to spend a minimum of 5 days a week doing general strength, balance, power, and speed drills!!!  Besides training, eating, sleeping, and working my new job at the JCC as a lifeguard, I don't have much exciting news except for my family cabin weekend from a couple weeks ago, so I'll entertain you with some of those pictures. 

Next up: Long rollerski in the rain!!

Last day of U16 Camp: The Hike

If you ever get the chance, go hiking in the Tetons. It was definitely one of the most memorable moments of the U16 camp, and I'm so glad I was chosen for the camp because even though it was only a week, I was filled to the brim with new knowledge and ideas. It was an amazing experience and I am very excited to push the boundaries even more now. Saturday morning we took an early start to get out on the trail. It was a gorgeous morning with a great big blue sky and perfect comfortably warm weather. We all started off together but ended up breaking up into smaller groups.  My fellow hikers and I almost to the top We ended up hiking for 4 hours to complete 15 miles. We summated 3 mountains and climbed up to around 10,300 feet.  Climbing up the 2nd mountain One thing I'm very happy about is I got to have a snowball fight in August! And we made snow angels, although the snow glacier was pretty packed down.  Snowball fight!!! We ended up eating lunch on the very top of the last mountain, …

U16 Camp Day 6 recap

This morning we did a team time trial up a mountain pretty close to our school. It was so steep that in most spots it was faster to walk than run. The trail consisted of a bunch of switchbacks and the trail added up to be around 2 miles. It was so hard, and while I pushed myself as hard as I could I didn't do as well in the standings as I wish I could've. This afternoon we did more skating agility  and some adventure skiing.  Then this evening a moose walking right down the school path with its baby! It was the 2nd time I had ever seen a moose, and this one was so close, about 20 feet away.  Tomorrow we are going on a 4 hour run and then some swimming!