The 3rd and 4th races

Sorry for the lack of update, the past 24 hours have been chaotic and the next 24 hours will be even more.

Yesterday we had our 5k mass start classic race.

It was very hot, and it was again didn't turn out how I expected. I was seeded 5th so I was in the first row of the mass start, but I had an extremely bad start and I had to fight all the way up the narrow course.
At girl skied over the front of my skis, and then I got cut off by a lot of people. I didn't want to go out hard, but I should've been much more aggressive. I ended up being in 35th place at the bottom of the hill and then tried to take the outside of the hills to not stand in line. I'm proud of how I moved up, and it made me think that if I had the chance I would've been pretty competitive. I guess that mass starts for you.
I finished 11th which wasn't exactly where I wanted to be, but it made me even more deturmined to do well in the relay, which was today.
5k Mass Start

Today, in the relays, I had the first leg and it was awesome. Wasn't sure about going out first, but it ended up turning out really well. Right off the gun, I did get cut off going down the hill again, but I did go out faster so when I got to the top of the very first short hill I was in 5th. I was scrambling for a while and double poling (I couldn't really get striding that much, that's what scrambling does I guess) and I moved into 3rd but about 20 meters back from Inter mountain and Rocky Mountain. I took the super steep hill pretty easy, I got in the front of the chase pack and wouldn't let anyone pass me and then my teammate Kelly Koch (who was on the other Midwest relay) and I quickly starting breaking away on the cusp of the climb. We moved quickly on the slight up hill and then on the turn around down hill back to the start I started breaking away from her with some double poling. On the last steep hill I caught up to the rocky mountain girl, but she got away on the cusp. I caught up to her again on the last straight flat part before the straight away and was able to gain some ground on the Intermountain skier on the straightaway. Our second leg moved back into 5th about 15 seconds behind 3rd and 20 behind 2nd. Then our final leg, my friend Anna caught 4, 3, and 2 and we got 2nd! And I got the 2nd fastest time of the day!

More pictures when they come up.
Final Banquet tonight and then getting up tomorrow morning at 3:00 to head to the airport. Good bye California! 


  1. Great job to you & your team! What an amazing experience! Grammy was so excited talking about watching you!:)


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