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One Weekend Down! JOQ race review

*From this winterThis weekend my dad and I drove up to Telemark, WI. We stayed in Spooner Friday night, and got to Mt. Telemark at 10:00ish and I raced at 12:00. It was a mass start skate, and the course was exciting. It was the first time since 1979 that a race climbed all the way up Mt. Telemark. The climb was 1.1 miles and started in the first 800m of the race. Because when we got there, races were already going on, I couldn't preview the course. The U16 girl's race started out fast, and I climbed very well, and stayed positive, even though Hannah Rudd pulled away from the rest of the field. I was in 2nd, and the hill just seemed to go on FOREVER!
Once I got to the top, it was gorgeous! The sun was shining, and the snow covering the tree was pretty, and you were looking over a valley and could see really far! The downhill stretch was nice, with no extremely challenging corners. We did some steep hills towards the finish, but you could double pole up them because of your dow…

Racing Preview

The next two weeks will be very busy as the January racing season is starting! I raced last night,( a conference race) and this weekend my dad and I are driving up to Telemark, WI for the 2nd set of JOQ
races. I missed the first set because of our team's Maplelag ski trip, so I must make each race count@ On
Saturday I have a 5k classic race (mass start) and on Sunday I have a 5k skate race (individual). Names to watch for U16 skiers: Hannah Rudd and Anna Johnson. After the weekend, I have a race Tuesday which is a sprint race within our conference.
The favorite is Mattie Watts, and for 2nd, Elowyn Pffeifer and I. On Friday is our conference meet at Baker Park. Again, the favorite is Mattie and then Elowyn and I battling out for 2nd. Straight from Baker, I will

drive up to Mount Itasca for another 5k freestyle individual start (Saturday) and then a 1.5k classic sprint (sunday). That is all for now!