Doing some spring cleaning....

After a busy, successful spring, I'm very glad to be out of school and hitting the trails, once again.
Excited for summer and track!
After Jr. Nationals with some friends and we raced in Canadian Nationals. I didn't do as well as I wanted, but I had a lot of fun, made new friends, and learned a little about myself and ski racing.
The guys and I (I'm front and center) in Grand Marias
After that I drove head first right into track and had a decent season. I had some good races and some bad, but most of all I had so so so much fun with my teammates and friends. Here's just a glimpse at how much fun we had.
Clarf and I

CK, Libby, Clarf, and myself at conference

Libby and I at conference mile

Conference Mile

Libby, Clarf, and I

Conference Milers

Amarah, Erin C. and I on a distance run

Distance Runners try a new warm-up.....


Having so much fun!!!!
Once track started winding down, I bumped up my weight room game and we started skiing a bit more. Minneapolis Ski Club started Monday, and the team had our first Tour de Ski Saturday.
Some teammates before a Tour de Ski 18 miler
So I'm ready for a very busy summer, and between work, workouts, and studying, the only time I'll ever get to sit down at a computer is when I'm procrastinating.


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