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The Summer Process

I had a lot of free time this spring. Instead of running track, I was sitting on the sidelines, cheering for my teammates and friends, watching what should have been my last season of high school athletics. To keep my mind off the track, I instead thought about what I was gonna have to do to reach the level of strength and endurance I had before my surgery and shoulder injury.  Many athletes do this every spring- reflecting back at their season and asking themselves, what went well, and what could have been better? When I was younger, I was very small, and strength wasn't a strong suit for me. I often was crushed in races that required a lot of double poling, so one summer, I made double poling, and the power that comes with it a priority. When the next season came around, I felt finally felt confident about that part of the race, and I felt the focus and time I spent was completely worth it. Ever since then, I have been a strong believer that in order to become a better skier th…