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Life as a Sprint Race

I have been racing competitively for just over five years, and while I still have a lot to learn, I have picked up some skills here and there that help me prepare for races. One skill in particular that I picked up, helped create of my proudest race moments in my career so far.  When I raced at Junior Nationals in Truckee in 2015, I knew I could be strong in the distance races, but because I had never been that successful in sprint races, I didn't have high expectations. With the first races being skate sprints, I went in, ready to go with the flow.

As my first time racing at altitude, (7,000 feet!!), the sprint qualifier left me very aghast, but I was happy to qualify for the heats in 5th. In the heat, I raced in, I thought only about how I was going to get to the finish line on two heat. Surprisingly (to me) I won the heat, meaning I moved on to the next heat. Again, my goal was to survive (it's an excellent goal when you're breathing in thin mountain air), and I ended u…