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Hayward Camp!

Here is some write ups from my first camp this year! I loved it and want to thank all of the coaches and parents that made it possible!

June 27, 2014 Today we got to Hayward around 3:00 and went skiing a little after that. There is a big difference between last year's camp and this year because almost all the girls graduated. In fact including me there are only 3 returning girls. The nice thing about this year is the girls are closer to my age and we really have fun together! 

So to get back on track, we skate skied and did a little technique for about an hour and 45 minutes until it started to rain. We headed back a little earlier, but we were able to watch our technique videos before the wonderful dinner our host, a mom of one of our skiers, prepares for us. The younger girls then went back to my teammate Val's cabin. We then did some strength when the older girls arrived, and relaxed in the beautiful wooden cabin on the lake. 
June 29, 2014 While we didn't get t…

Flashback to March: Junior Nationals

I'm adding this because I consider this a big stepping stone in my skiing life. Getting to travel out to Vermont, ski with other Midwestern skiers and competing against the top kids in the country was an amazing experience and really helped me focus on setting my goals high for the year to come. While I was gone, I posted 10 times, so I'm editing pieces and pictures and shortening up the segment.
But you can find the whole blog here

March 1, 2014
This morning we drove the 10 minute drove to preview the race course! We classic skied and the snow was super fast. My favorite part of the course was a 1/2k downhill section with 90 degree turns! The hills aren't steep, but they are long. And the whole case is very curvy! I am so excited to race! We came back, ate lunch, and I attempted to do my homework before we went to downtown Stowe. I walked around with my roommates and we went into an official JN store, a chocolate shop, a grocery store, and a coffee shop!

March 3, 201…


*From a week ago
After a couple days in New York, we traveled back to Pennsylvania. Then after a couple of days we traveled to Washington DC! With all of this traveling, multiple workouts a day become scarce. 

Running usually isn't hard to find fun trails when I'm out and about, but finding decent bike trails is tough. In NY, I ran on gorgeous trails on the Rockefeller Estate, with a Hudson River backdrop. Then for my rollerski workouts, I ended up on a flat, straight, crumbly path that ran along a highway. Here, when I was out by myself, time went dreadfully slow, and it was hard to look forward to the skis. Then once we got back into Pennsylvania, my cousin took me to a state park near her house. 

The gravel paths were hilly and fun and the paved path had a ginormous steep hill with fun twists and turns. (Also had my first rollerski wipeout this summer, though there was minimal blood) 

Now we are in Washington, DC and the long days in the car and the long days in the (extrem…

Make excuses to win

Summer has arrived! And with all the things a Minnesota season requires...... the weather extremes are here, too.  And hey, it makes things interesting. And can also present challenges to some workouts!

For me, another big challenge to working out is getting out of the door. Once I get out, I love it, but the lazy human being in me always wants to make excuses to delay.  The other day when my parents and I were watching The movie Lone Survivor (I didn't watch the whole thing, way too scary) I heard a really great quote, "make excuses to win". As an athlete I know how easy it is to make excuses. I'm gonna need that inspiration  because the next 2 weeks, my family is going to be on the east coast, visiting family and doing a little tour in DC. It's so hard to motivate myself to workout when I'm on vacation,  especially  when we are visiting my mom's family,because I only get to see my cousins once a year and I like to spend as much time as I can with them. One…

Summer Training Preview/Spring Wrap Up

After an exciting spring (National Races in March, fun track races), the beginning of June hits the final speed bump into summer training. This spring had a couple injuries for me, including hamstring and hip, but with those mostly out of the way, I'm starting to up my hours this week. 

As a multi-sport athlete, I like to focus on different areas in different sports, but when it comes down to the basics, the best way to improve in endurance sports is to gain endurance and strength.
So thats exactly what is in the schedule. This spring I started to get back into the habit of going into the gym 2-3 times a week, which during the summer will stay around 3 times a week. (Conveniently its in the backyard) I also am putting in a lot of distance this summer.  My target range is around 250 hours, but starting off in June with 45 hours and building up. Some difficulties include vacations, but my goal is to find some cool places and change the location up a bit. I'm also in for some ex…