After a whirlwind of weeks, it's time to sit down with some hot coco and relax.... right?
Well if you answered yes, then you are wrong. Coming after a rough cross country season, it's surprisingly not hard to cruise into the heavy hours that November brings.
Ended the season on a muddy and snowy note

After being injured with a hip bursitis for 6 weeks, it was amazing to start to test my legs at the Blaine Invite, a week before Conference and 2 weeks before Sections. I was still gunning for my season goals, winning conference and going to state.
My girls and I at Conference!
Neither race played out the way I wanted, but I can't say they went poorly. Conference was a gorgeous day, and I ran smoothly, but lost contact on the leader after the 1st mile, and then got passed by one of her teammates at the 2 mile. I ran well, and was so excited for my team (both the boys and girls won!) but I was slightly frustrated. Same thing with Sections. I placed myself in a good spot but a little after the mile I slipped in the mud and never caught back up to the pack.
The Fab Four showing off our conference champs shirts

Highland Park Girls Cross Country
Starting off the season to a BIG bang on Saturday I did an L3 workout on the Coolee with the one and only Jessie Diggins! It was rainy and chilly and hard workout with slow skis but it was totally worth it to ski with the world class skier! I learned a lot from her, but the biggest take away was not just the workout and what she said but also what she stands for.
The 3G crew with 

Jessie, being a Minnesota native, grew up on the same racing circuit that I am.. racing at the Minnesota State meet, on the Midwest team, and now she is crazy successful on the world wide level. For me, it's an awesome reminder that I can not only excel on the national level, but it's not out of reach to have goals internationally too!!!

So now that I'm pumped up it's time to get out there and start cranking out those November hours!! Almost time for the show down.... :)


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