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There's No Such Thing As Easy Training

I never have thought that ski training was going to be easy. One of the many thrills of the sport are the numerous times you are given to push yourself mentally and physically. I have always said that one of the reasons that I love skiing is because of those chances you get. It's a sport like no other, where you are working your arms, legs, core, you have to focus on your technique, and there are only small moments of rest.

There are obvious times when it's easier to push yourself, and those times are what can create an amazing race or workout. Factors that help are being super focused, being well rested, and being in good shape. You also need to have a positive mental attitude, for when everything isn't going perfectly. It's hard to get everything to go to plan, and if you can surge and go over bumps that are in the way, you can create those good workouts and races on your own.

Over the past 6 years that I have been ski racing and training, I would consider myself a pos…