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Conference Meet and JNQs

Lots of racing this weekend, in fact, I had 4 races in 3 days. And I had my best race on the last day! Kind of funny, huh?!
Conference was a blast, and the temperatures definitely prepared me for this weekend. On Friday it was around 30-40 and Saturday was even higher than that! My teammates raced well, and we ended up winning the Championship!!!  It was our first year in our new conference and it was so much fun being able to start out with that!

I raced well, and was happy how I did. Elm Creek is such a fast course, quick tempo (which is my favorite!) works really well on the course.

Saturday.... was a whole different ball game. I love mass starts. And I love classic skiing. The funny thing is, I have a hard time with both of them. My classic skiing has defiantly improved, especially with all the hard work I put in this summer. But I'm not use to mass starts. I am best at an individual start race, where you are racing against the clock, pushing yourself, and imagining your compe…

Things aren't always as they seem

Winter Break has been super busy. We spent a lot of time skiing at Hyland Bloomington. Right after Christmas we went up to the Birkie trail and they got a lot of fresh snow. When we woke up there were 5 fresh inches on the ground, approximately 4.5 more inches we had at home. It was Ben, my dad and I and we ended up doing some old fashion skiing, trekking through the woods, making our own path. It was a nice change of pace, and we even got into the local newspaper!

After we came home, we suffered a cold break and kept up our skiing. Then the last weekend, I had one of my biggest races of the season...... Senior Nationals! It was pretty cold, and the sprint race got delayed, so I couldn't race in it, but I had a good skate 10k that was a lot of fun despite the cold, wind and blowing snow!
The course was an unique one. There was a  flat that lead into a downhill run right at the start. This was the only flat part of the course. After a sharp 180 degree turn you went up into a kilome…