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The Sticky Snow Situation

The lazy-non endurance athlete part of me (we all have it in us, right?) kept procrastinating writing up a blog because who would want to hear about the hamster ball skiing we've been doing in the Twin Cities? I'm extremely grateful for the skiing that we have been doing with the extremely mild winter we've been suffering through. Luckily, Three Rivers has cranked out a couple 'k' at Hyland Bloomington and Elm Creek, but with every other nordic skier in the Twin Cities itching to get on snow, it sometimes can get a little packed.

Luckily I have awesome parents who brought my sisters and I up to Northern Minnesota for a overnight ski vacation! With a bunch of distance skis on the schedule, it was great to catch up with my awesome cousins who were also up there searching for snow!
This was a great training weekend for because not only does Giants Ridge host the state meet in early February (I always love knowing a course really well!) but it was also very refreshing…