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After a whirlwind of weeks, it's time to sit down with some hot coco and relax.... right?
Well if you answered yes, then you are wrong. Coming after a rough cross country season, it's surprisingly not hard to cruise into the heavy hours that November brings.

After being injured with a hip bursitis for 6 weeks, it was amazing to start to test my legs at the Blaine Invite, a week before Conference and 2 weeks before Sections. I was still gunning for my season goals, winning conference and going to state.
Neither race played out the way I wanted, but I can't say they went poorly. Conference was a gorgeous day, and I ran smoothly, but lost contact on the leader after the 1st mile, and then got passed by one of her teammates at the 2 mile. I ran well, and was so excited for my team (both the boys and girls won!) but I was slightly frustrated. Same thing with Sections. I placed myself in a good spot but a little after the mile I slipped in the mud and never caught back up to the…