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Section Meet

Sections was last Wednesday, and it's been so busy that I hadn't gotten a chance to update until now! Sections was awesome and we got the chance to recognize our senior girls who've been with us for 4 to 6 years. The girl's team bought them flowers and gave them cards, it was so awesome to see them run their last high school cross country races, and we are really going to miss them next year!!

The girl's varsity race was first, so I got to cheer all of my teammates on after our race. I had a lot of energy and so I was pretty loud. The boys definitely heard me, but I may have bonked a little for the girls......
One awesome Cross Country and Skiing tradition we have here at Highland is Secret Sisters. At the beginning of the season we pull names and then give gifts to our 'sister' before every race. My sister has been awesome all season, but really did it when at sections she gave me........... PICKLES!!
Explanation: I really love pickles, so when my friends …

Sometimes, when I smile too much, my cheeks hurt

You know when you've had one of those really good races, where afterwards, you just can't stop smiling, well, I had one of those on Tuesday. I have to say it was probably one of the most painful races I have every been in, the course had some steep hills, and awkward wet spots, but I was enjoying myself so much, that I barely noticed!
It just happened that my awesome putting it all on the line race came just at the right time. The conference championship! I had a plan to win it, and had been visualizing for a couple of weeks, but the surprise came in when I didn't follow my plan. I was going to stick with 2 sisters who have been dominating our conference all season. They've been back and forth with each other, but are both extremely steady pacers, so I decided that I'd keep with them, then try to make a move at the last second.
We ended up going out pretty fast, and although I don't know my first mile time, I figure it could've been under 6:00, which I'…

Teammates- in and out

I have some fantastic teammates, within my club, my sporting teams, even my cousins. I work with my club during the summer, and especially this summer I met some awesome people. At one of my cross country races last week, it was a tough course being soaking wet, and fairly crowded. And then again, when is Cross Country easy?
For me the hardest part of the race is just before 1/2 way. I can have great middles which carry on to the end, and before the 1.5k, your adrenaline is still kicking. But sometimes the excuses can kick in, and then its your job as an athlete to push them away and think 'happy thoughts'. Think of all the good workouts you've had, your big goals, who you want to beat, who you don't want to beat you. Being my competitive self, when I saw my EU ski teammate, Lili (who runs for Irondale High School) ahead of me, my first thought was, "I CAN NOT let Lili beat me, without a good fight". Now Lili and I are known for being extremely competitive wi…