Countdown to Wyoming!!!

The past couple weeks I've been training and testing and preparing for the biggest part of my summer, my U16 camp!! I leave in less than a week and am excited to update photos and stories! 

This summer I've been training pretty hard, upping my miles and intensity and I am so pumped for the seasons ahead!!! Because my training days can be so repetitive I have a hard time talking about them, but recently me and a good friend had a couple hour canoe trip on a river near my cabin! 

It  was a fun change of pace and we had a blast! The past weekend we also went to go watch some wiener dog races (okay that has nothing to do with training but it was so funny!) 

A normal week includes around 4 days of strength, 3/4 difficult days, which includes at least one day with a 2 1/2+ hour workout. 

I hope I'm prepared for my camp in Wyoming which the biggest obstacle will be the altitude. I have never been anywhere higher than the Midwest… so it will definitely be different!!!!!! 😃  


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