Sprint Course Preview

This morning after a beautiful morning run, we previewed the sprint course! I tested skis, tried out the downhill turns and made sure I drank a lot of water!
Sun Rising Over Donner Lake
The course is very short. We skied a bit later than yesterday, and it was a little warmer, but the track upheld well, despite the amount of people on it. The course was still very icy, but the race directors had put a bit of fresh snow on top of the glazed tracks. This easily was pushed away and off to the side, but added a bit of traction on some of the hills. The stadium is the same as the distance races and you go down the first big hill, but instead of turning left, you turn right. Then you do a 'S' turn which today, in training almost all the skiers snowplowed and because the U16 girls go very last tomorrow, I'm curious what kind of condition it will be in.
Me and my roommate Olivia walking along the beach!
After the sketchy downhill, there is a sharp left turn that turns away from the course. That's where the U16s cut away from the U18 and U20 course. After 10 yards, there is a sharp left turn where we rejoin the U18/U20 course. Right away there is a shortish hill that is pretty steep. Up and over that, there is a quick downhill run that leads into a larger steep hill which then pops you up into the finish. Again, very short.
I am so pumped for tomorrow's races, but first, we have the parade and opening ceremonies this afternoon!


  1. Love the pictures, looks bueatiful. Can't wait to hear about the parade and all. Good luck tomorrow. Love you

  2. Love the pictures! I am so excited for you and to see you!

  3. Love the pictures! I am so excited for you and to see you!

  4. We enjoy reading your post and seeing the beautiful pictures. Good luck tomorrow and have fun!

  5. So beautiful! Hope you are enjoying every moment! We are so excited for you!!! Good luck!


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