Section Meet

Sections was last Wednesday, and it's been so busy that I hadn't gotten a chance to update until now! Sections was awesome and we got the chance to recognize our senior girls who've been with us for 4 to 6 years. The girl's team bought them flowers and gave them cards, it was so awesome to see them run their last high school cross country races, and we are really going to miss them next year!!

Highland CC Girls' Section Varsity Team

The girl's varsity race was first, so I got to cheer all of my teammates on after our race. I had a lot of energy and so I was pretty loud. The boys definitely heard me, but I may have bonked a little for the girls......
One awesome Cross Country and Skiing tradition we have here at Highland is Secret Sisters. At the beginning of the season we pull names and then give gifts to our 'sister' before every race. My sister has been awesome all season, but really did it when at sections she gave me........... PICKLES!!
Explanation: I really love pickles, so when my friends ask me what I want for my birthday, that's what I say. This was a perfect gift for me because I know the person really knows me, and everyone else was super confused!
The Section race was a really great race for me. I had 3 season goals, win conference (✔), top 10 at sections, and break 15:00. Considering my PR is still 15:42, it may seem like I have a long ways to go, but some of the girls I beat at sections had run 15:07 at their conference meet, and the courses we've been running on recently have been sorta slow. And anyway, I get one more chance to break it...... because YES! I qualified for state!!
Highland MN State Meet Qualifiers
I knew I was close to making it, but I thought if I got it, I'd end up getting the last spot. I decided to go out fast, and hold my spot, usually something I don't really excel at, but I had some extra confidence from my conference race, and I was really ready to push myself to get a qualifying spot. I ended up getting 9th over-all ( a big surprise and a ✔-top 10 at sections) and the 4th/8 qualifying spots!!

4th from left

Anyway, I'm not really sure how I'm gonna do at State, besides wanting that time really bad. I'm super excited, and ready to give it all I got! Next year the Minnesota State High School League is changing the girl's distance to 5k from 4k, so this is really the very LAST chance I get!!!

Ski girl's qualified for state!!!!!!!


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