Sometimes, when I smile too much, my cheeks hurt

You know when you've had one of those really good races, where afterwards, you just can't stop smiling, well, I had one of those on Tuesday. I have to say it was probably one of the most painful races I have every been in, the course had some steep hills, and awkward wet spots, but I was enjoying myself so much, that I barely noticed!
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"I am too positive to be doubtful. Too optimistic to be fearful.
And too determined to be defeated."
It just happened that my awesome putting it all on the line race came just at the right time. The conference championship! I had a plan to win it, and had been visualizing for a couple of weeks, but the surprise came in when I didn't follow my plan. I was going to stick with 2 sisters who have been dominating our conference all season. They've been back and forth with each other, but are both extremely steady pacers, so I decided that I'd keep with them, then try to make a move at the last second.
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I have a problem with looking at the ground... opps
We ended up going out pretty fast, and although I don't know my first mile time, I figure it could've been under 6:00, which I've been shooting for all season. Right before the mile I was feeling confident how I felt, and I was like, why don't I just go for it now? This could've been a stupid mistake, but I was listening to my competitor's breathing, and running in a pack was making me antsy. Now I do not like leading a race where there is a pack chasing you down, but did I think that through.... no. I just went for it (and I'm glad I did).

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About the 2 mile

I am pretty sure that this was the first cross country race that I have been the first person across the line. A pretty cool feeling especially with all my teammates on the course cheering me on. I had the confidence that I could win, before and during the race, but I was still surprised that it had happened. After I finished I was able to see all of my teammates put in their all, and see them all crush it! My teammates did awesome, and the Highland girls ended up winning the conference meet!
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I'm so proud of my teammates!
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All-Conference in order of place
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Saint Paul City Conference Champs! 

And next up: Sections! The season may be closing, but I'm not done yet!!
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My cheeks hurting from smiling so much :)


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