Teammates- in and out

I have some fantastic teammates, within my club, my sporting teams, even my cousins. I work with my club during the summer, and especially this summer I met some awesome people. At one of my cross country races last week, it was a tough course being soaking wet, and fairly crowded. And then again, when is Cross Country easy?
Blaine Invite- Season CC PR 15:48 (4k)
For me the hardest part of the race is just before 1/2 way. I can have great middles which carry on to the end, and before the 1.5k, your adrenaline is still kicking. But sometimes the excuses can kick in, and then its your job as an athlete to push them away and think 'happy thoughts'. Think of all the good workouts you've had, your big goals, who you want to beat, who you don't want to beat you. Being my competitive self, when I saw my EU ski teammate, Lili (who runs for Irondale High School) ahead of me, my first thought was, "I CAN NOT let Lili beat me, without a good fight". Now Lili and I are known for being extremely competitive with each other, and pretty crazy. Which is good in an endurance sport........ So even though I was pitting into the ground at that 1.5k, I fought my way up to Lili's shoulder, and hung on (not literally). We pushed each other through until the finish. She had a PR, and I had a season PR, plus we both thought it was great to be running together!

"In union there is strength"

That same day, same race my little cousin had (another) blowout race placing 4th, and getting 15:00. She has had an amazing season, and I'm so excited to see how she will preform at the section and state levels. 
Me being the proud older cousin
And then of course, my awesome team. The girls raced amazingly fast, most getting PRs or season PRs!!! With the course sopping wet, this is an awesome feat! Yesterday (Tuesday) we had an in team 'race' to pick the conference team for next week, and the girls were so close,  we are doing another TT Thursday to narrow it down. With sections only the week after that, the CC season is slowly spinning down to a close, and the ski season is in the horizon!!!!!! :D 
A blurry photo of a soaking girls team

Kicking off the pre-season with a captains practice today, I've been putting in some nice long skis mixed in with a rollerski race in Baker on Saturday, twinning the Ringer Roll from August. With strong head winds and a light crowd, I was pleased to only get a minute slower than August, but I can not wait to see how much I've come in my training. 
Video Technique on a long ski


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