Strength n' School

I found this funny because of two things. Its a snowman (I'm a skier) and it has abs (and I'm talking about strength here). Once school starts (tomorrow ;( no!!!!!!!!) my weekly strength workouts will go up from 3-4 to 5-10. During the first semester I am taking a strength and fitness class and I am joining the girl's swim team's pre-school workouts in the fall. Plus adding in some cross country core and some extra 1/2 hours in the weight room (from CC also) I can predict that I will be waking up (super early for swimming) with some sore muscles. Of course I'm not doing the same routine everytime. Here is a peek at what I do for general strength!

General Strength
This is just as the name says, General Strength. Here goes my normal pull-ups, push-ups, bench press, crunches. Some stuff I'm adding onto it is energy prevention for running and skiing focusing on my hips and hip flexors. Just some throwback photos from earlier this summer.
Rollerboard- Ski specific strength

Box Jumps- Also used in Speed and Power

Squats- also good for energy prevention

Push-ups, not much more to say


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