A week breakdown

This week has been so busy. Let me just break down the average day. Or the 2 average days… I guess. This week I started swimming with my school's swim team in their early morning practices. This for me includes waking up at 5:00am, getting all my stuff together, eating breakfast and biking the 2 miles uphill in the dark to my school. We workout for an hour, doing light core work, and some lap swimming. 
What I feel like when I swim

After I get ready for school, I sit 5 long periods before I get to my favorite class, strength and fitness! We work out for about 45 minutes and then I only have to survive one more class before Cross Country!! This week, because we had two races, our workouts have been fairly easy. Then I race home, rush through my homework and dinner, and then run up to my lifeguarding job. As soon as I get home I go to bed. 

My other routine day involves light weight room workout 6th period and then right after school, a cross country meet. 
We had 2 this week, Battle Creek and St. Francis. At the BC race, I paced some of my teammates at my threshold pace and then sprinted the last 1/2 mile. I was super excited for st. Francis because its a fast course and good competition. I was super pumped up. During the race I got some side cramps, and I let that go to my head. I'm bummed I didn't have the race I wanted, but I'm already super excited for the next race Roy Griak! I'm ready to set my mark!!


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