*From a week ago
After a couple days in New York, we traveled back to Pennsylvania. Then after a couple of days we traveled to Washington DC! With all of this traveling, multiple workouts a day become scarce. 

Running usually isn't hard to find fun trails when I'm out and about, but finding decent bike trails is tough. In NY, I ran on gorgeous trails on the Rockefeller Estate, with a Hudson River backdrop.
Then for my rollerski workouts, I ended up on a flat, straight, crumbly path that ran along a highway.
Here, when I was out by myself, time went dreadfully slow, and it was hard to look forward to the skis. Then once we got back into Pennsylvania, my cousin took me to a state park near her house. 

The gravel paths were hilly and fun and the paved path had a ginormous steep hill with fun twists and turns. (Also had my first rollerski wipeout this summer, though there was minimal blood) 

Now we are in Washington, DC and the long days in the car and the long days in the (extremely) hot and humid walking around attractions makes it quite difficult to throw in decent workouts. I even left my rollerskis in Pennsylvania because of the lack of paved trails near our campsite! 
Well we are only spending a couple days here, before detouring back towards Pennsylvania and then home. After a week of training with my junior team, I hit my first summer training camp in Wisconsin! Lots of fun planned ahead!


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