Racing to Win

One of the biggest things that I have learned as a competitive skier is that you can't let past results affect your current races. This has been especially relevant for me for the past couple weeks, and I'm excited to share my experiences. It all started out with my Section 3 meet; the qualifying meet before the state meet. My plan was fairly simple and straight forward. I was heavily favored to win, but my plan was to race it like I would at the State Meet, put it on the line and race hard. It was the last meet before the big races, and I was using it as a tune up for the State Meet.

Girls Team won sections first time in 6 years

I started out hard in the classic Individual start, and I definitely paid dearly for that on the second lap. I suffered, but held up and tried to finish as hard as I could. I wasn't pleased with my results, I only had a 30 second lead, and I had been expecting much more. I rested up to pull through with a win in the state race, something I had assumed to be guaranteed. 

Minnesota State Ski Meet
The snow started to fall heavily about 30 minutes before the second race, and as I went out, there was already a couple inches out on the course. I didn't feel fresh, but I had expected that because I had training through. But I wasn't expecting to feel as bad, but I felt dead. I kept looking back, and in my opinion, it's a sign of weakness. It means you aren't looking ahead, racing to win. I had started racing to not lose. Sadly, it didn't work.

I got passed at the end of the first lap. I heard her coming for a little bit, but I was confident in my ability to draft off of her and out sprint her. Sadly it didn't go as planned. I was passed on the downhill and she out glided me, gaining a large lead on me. I fought to catch back up, but I couldn't get into my usual rhythm. It was not a fun day for me, and my confidence was shaken.

I had a little more than a week to prepare for state, and one of my biggest goals in that week was to mentally prepare for the races. I visualized heavily; I knew every corner on the course, and I was prepare to race my hardest.

I had found a quote that was my mantra for the week: You have what takes, but it will take everything you got. I was ready to put it all on the line, and I'm pleased to say that I dud exactly that. I finished the first race, the hardest I ever had, and I was very pleased with my results, even without knowing what they were at first. I was a little disappointed to be 25 seconds behind the number one girl, but I was pleased to be in second place, I was able to keep my place in the 2nd race and I made up 10 seconds on Margie, finishing 15 seconds behind her.

I didn't win, but I was very satisfied.I had skied as hard as I could, and that is one of the best performances I had ever had.

After skiing in some side racing, I'm gearing up for Junior Nationals, staged in Cable, Wisconsin in 2 weeks and I'm hoping to be able to push myself as hard as I did at state!

Was happy to win the Classic Korte 2 weekends after state


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