Tears and Cheers

Last Tuesday, after a week of training, the Highland Park Nordic Team had our Section Meet. This year there was a change in the rules so now 2 teams from each section go to state and only 6 individual girls. We got 2nd for the past 2 years, but this year the competition was thicker.

We had good races the first race which was a classic race around the 2 lap course. We were 6 points ahead of the 3rd place team and 8 points behind the 1st. We were pretty nervous in between races, and we decided that the next race was not going to be for our individual selfs. We were racing as a team, and we were racing for each other. 
We made each other laugh, as we cracked jokes, Anna taught me how to play part of a song on her ukulele and the guys were nicer than normal. But the race did eventually start and off we went, racing as hard as we could. I came in, and the boys were telling me their calculations. Don't tell the rest of the girls, I told them. Not yet. Because they said we were loosing by one point. The girls were coming in thicker now, and it was hard to see who was in the runnings. After my teammates came in, the boys told them the news, which made them cry. This made me mad because we didn't know the official results. It was tough and I went to change into my running shoes so I could cool down. When I was in the tent, I missed the big announcement. We had actually won by one point! Thank goodness the boys had done the calculations wrong. 

It was an awesome afternoon and  right now we are heading to state. I have high expectations and I'll update as soon as I can. 


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