A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

You know what my favorite time of year is? Guess..... The ski season!! And this post goes out in tribute of that, today the first day of the ski season, first day with awesome beautiful snow (Minnesota in November... let me just say ;) ) and the start of some exciting, thrilling times to come!!
One of the first races last year!
Just a quick recap, my State race didn't go as planned and I am bummed about that. It was an amazing experience and I was able to meet up with some friends that I haven't seen in a while. Shout-out to my awesome cousin Sarah (8th grader, BTW) and my just-as-awesome teammate Micah. They both had awesome races, even though they weren't feeling the best and I think that's really when you know someone is a good athlete. Its not always about how fast you go. Anyone could have talent, but the extraordinary people are the ones who whip that talent into shape and can just keep on going when times get tough. (Get ready for the pictures......)
Super Sarah!!!

Huge Thank you to my supportive teammates!

My Dad and Coach... I wouldn't be anywhere without him

CC State 2014

Maria Berg and I declaring... "We'll beat them all in skiing" and eating cookies

Now that the ski season has started and the snow has fallen, all we are waiting for is the next race! I must admit that I haven't gotten to ski on snow yet because today I was so busy helping the new kids get fitted to skis and gear, but tomorrow, you snow banks better watch out!!! And for a closing note... For some reason, my family has a miniature Christmas tree in our front living room. Wishful thinking anyone?

P.S. Minnesota State High School Rankings (Week One) have come out on Skinnyski


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