One Weekend Down! JOQ race review

*From this winter
This weekend my dad and I drove up to Telemark, WI. We stayed in Spooner Friday night, and got to Mt. Telemark at 10:00ish and I raced at 12:00. It was a mass start skate, and the course was exciting. It was the first time since 1979 that a race climbed all the way up Mt. Telemark. The climb was 1.1 miles and started in the first 800m of the race. Because when we got there, races were already going on, I couldn't preview the course. The U16 girl's race started out fast, and I climbed very well, and stayed positive, even though Hannah Rudd pulled away from the rest of the field. I was in 2nd, and the hill just seemed to go on FOREVER!
Almost at the top! (Mt. Telemark)
Once I got to the top, it was gorgeous! The sun was shining, and the snow covering the tree was pretty, and you were looking over a valley and could see really far! The downhill stretch was nice, with no extremely challenging corners. We did some steep hills towards the finish, but you could double pole up them because of your downhill momentum. The finish was festive with flags and a lot of people! After my race, I cooled down with my training partner, Elsa, and then we went back to the cabin we were staying at and watched Avengers, played pool, and did [insert sigh] homework. 
Climbing Mt. Telemark

The next morning I went on a morning run, and then picked up my racing bib. It was an individual classic start, which isn't my best, but I was excited because I had improve my striding. I had a GREAT race, staying very mentally strong. It was probley one of the hardest races in my life, and at the finish, my legs gave 
 way and I fell over, but I had a huge smile on my face. I had known I had pushed myself as hard as I could, and that the results would show!
Pushing up Mt. Telemark


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